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Belgian Sneakers Days

Our weekend is coming…

#BEsneax will fulfill all its missions in one weekend. On the one hand, we will bring together fans. On the other hand, we are going to show what is hidden behind the community. Share this with your friends.

Sneakers Fetish Flag

How to get your Sneakers flag ?

After the first round of subscription (closed on 31 December), our community flag is still available and it’s possible to get yours. Here is the easy way to get it at home. Share this with your friends.

Tinky Winky, the purple teletubby

Purple Friday

Today, Friday 13th, second Friday of December, it’s Purple Friday in The Netherlands. Since this particular day is not officially recognized in Belgium, consider that we are associated with it. Share this with your friends.

Boxer Barcelona

Applications for Mr. Sneakers are open

From now until 31 December, it is possible to register as a candidate to become the first Mr. Sneakers Belgium. The election will take place on Saturday, February 8th. Share this with your friends.

Andy on the fetish throne

After several weeks of self-promotion, Andy managed a personal challenge by winning the title of Mr. Fetish Boots. It was last weekend in Antwerp. Share this with your friends.

Get your own flag

Demand was important both in Belgium and abroad. Thanks to Stormwolf’s skills and after a product quality market research, we are launching the subscription for the community flag today. This identity tool has never been produced on a… Read More

Social meeting back in 2020

Our next Sneakers Social Meeting will take place just after the traditional December celebrations. We will be among the first to present our wishes to each other, wearing our sneakers obviously. Share this with your friends.

A flag is a tag

Everybody knows the rainbow flag, worldwide very popular during pride events. Inside the LGBT community there are plenty of different flags. Even sneakers have their own flag. Share this with your friends.

Definition of fetish

Fetishists are not normal people. Les fétichistes ne sont pas des gens normaux. Fetisjisten zijn geen normale mensen. Share this with your friends.