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Sport Special Day at Darklands

Sports @ Darklands

Darklands has the goal to bring all the subcommunities of the fetish scene under one roof as one family. Although many sports lovers already visited the event, they didn’t have a dedicated program until now. Share this with… Read More

Two years and even more

23 February will forever be a special date for #BEsneax. On this occasion, the floor to David, founder of the association. Share this with your friends.

T-shirt #BEsneax

Exclusive t-shirt

For the first edition of the Belgian Sneakers Days, with the collaboration of French artists and a Brussels fetish store, #BEsneax has produced an exclusive T-shirt. Share this with your friends.

Sash ceremony

Congrats Michael !

This Saturday, Michael was elected Mr Sneakers Belgium by a diligent jury and an enthusiastic public. He will be the ambassador of our community and our association for a year. Share this with your friends.

San Francisco Bay Area Rubber, inc.

The American dream of #BEsneax

It is a gift from the sky, an unexpected gift, proof that magic exists elsewhere than in books and films. #BEsneax gets support from America. Share this with your friends.

Belgian Sneakers Days

Our weekend is coming…

#BEsneax will fulfill all its missions in one weekend. On the one hand, we will bring together fans. On the other hand, we are going to show what is hidden behind the community. Share this with your friends.

Sneakers Fetish Flag

How to get your Sneakers flag ?

After the first round of subscription (closed on 31 December), our community flag is still available and it’s possible to get yours. Here is the easy way to get it at home. Share this with your friends.

Revelation : main official party

Revelation : special edition

Sven Adler, head of Revelation for almost 6 years, wanted to support #BEsneax in organizing the election of Mr Sneakers Belgium. A special edition will see the light of day (or bring lights in the night, as you… Read More

Andy on the fetish throne

After several weeks of self-promotion, Andy managed a personal challenge by winning the title of Mr. Fetish Boots. It was last weekend in Antwerp. Share this with your friends.