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The American dream of #BEsneax

It is a gift from the sky, an unexpected gift, proof that magic exists elsewhere than in books and films. #BEsneax gets support from America.

While our association lacked funding to complete the organization of the Belgian Sneakers Days, an unexpected contact arrived from the United States, 8800km from Brussels. San Francisco Bay Area Rubber is a Nonprofit Charity with a focus on improving the body positive self esteem of people through rubber/latex culture and multifetish/kinkster community.  They envision a world where more people feel good about themselves while having fun with different clothing.

Alan’s socks worn last November in Amsterdam.

Obviously, it was a great surprise to receive support from so far. To understand the approach of the American association, the simplest was to ask them the reasons. During the travels of some of their senior leaders, they observed that sportswear fetish is alive and well, especially in Europe. They were amazed at just how fresh, fun, and frisky the folks are and how accessible the fetish is to people of all kinds. And, they wondered “Why aren’t we seeing more of this in the United States… especially in San Francisco?” Alan Gamrican, Mr SF Rubber 2019, insisted a lot on the fact that our association is turned towards youth and renewal to avoid that the gatherings don’t resemble activities at the retirement home.

The first sportswear event in San Francisco.

So, in January, in conjunction with the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco (another US Nonprofit Charity), San Francisco Bay Area Rubber held it’s first “Garden of Earthly Delights” Sports Gear event. Nearly a dozen lads and others showed up. It was a hit! Now, for the first time, the fun that the European sportswear and sneaker groups have been enjoying is happening in San Francisco. It must be said that what we call sneaker culture in Europe is very close to general American culture. This may make it difficult for some to perceive that sportswear and sneakers can be sources of pleasure or excitement.

Recently, when the Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020 and Belgian Sneaker Days events encountered certain challenges which threatened the ability to hold the events, San Francisco Bay Area Rubber found the support needed to help our fellow sportswear and sneaker loves in Belgium to put their fears away and move forward with creating and sharing INSANE FUN the weekend of 6-9 Feburary 2020. Obviously, #BEsneax was greatly touched by the gesture of our peers. They paid 200€ into the account of our association. This funding allowed us to cover the last small expenses related to the organization. In addition, they decided to take charge of the tailoring (from a renowned and expert house) of the sash that will be given to Mr Sneakers Belgium at the end of the competition on Saturday.

Let’s leave the last word to Alan Gamrican, Mr SF Rubber 2019. « »San Francisco Bay Area Rubber is grateful for the inspiration and momentum which our friends in Belgium are giving to the sportswear and sneaker fetish movement!  We are honored to be able to be of assistance, and good luck to all of the Mr. Belgium Sportswear 2020 contestants! »

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