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About our association

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#BEsneax is the Belgian fetish community for LGBTQIA+ people addicted to sneakers & sportswear in Belgium. We are open to all genders and sexual orientations.

All fetish communities had their own community group in Belgium. All except sneakers. Since February 2018, the void is filled. #BEsneax is a LGBTQIA+ association where everyone is welcome regardless of gender or sexual orientation as long as you like to wear sneakers, mainly with sportswear but not only. We know that sports shoes go very well with other outfits (leather, rubber, workwear…). Nike, Adidas, or other brands, all have their place.

The goal is creating a network that allows exchanges and meetings between these people who share this common interest. There is of course this website that will explain who we are to the curious, who offers a blog with the latest information about fetish communities and events in Belgium and farrer. Facebook page and group have also been created, as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts. We organize gatherings, simple opportunities to share a drink, exchange grants or more festive activities on regular basis. Those organizations could be manage by #BEsneax alone or with other fetishist associations.

Since fall 2020, #BEsneax (Belgium), Kiff&Gear (France), Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend (The Netherlands) and Club Swissgayfetish (Switzerland) have been working together for a stronger community. In the fall of 2022, USE was born. USE stands for United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation. Its head office is in Switzerland but it radiates throughout the old continent. Sister associations are invited to make themselves known if they want to join.

For all your questions or suggestions, to submit events or articles, feel free to click on Contact in the navigation menu on each page. This site is yours, Sneakers friends from Belgium and abroad!

#BEsneax is a de-facto association (according to Art.27 of the Belgian Constitution).

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The current Board of administrators was chosen at the beginning of 2022 from volunteers to develop the association, make it grow and known even more. An elected Board will be elected in 2023 and renewed every two years thereafter.

The Board of administrators is made up of a president and two vice-presidents, one for each of the main linguistic communities, as well as the one who bears the title of Mr Sneakers Belgium. This last position therefore changes more frequently than the other three.

David, President #BEsneax


Max, Vice-President #BEsneax



Laurent, Vice-President #BEsneax


Bono, Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022

Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022

You can reach them by clicking on their name.


Creating, promoting and animating a community like #BEsneax has a cost. This is why we are now differentiating people interested in our community from members of our association.

Thanks to our presence on social networks, our website and newsletters, we will continue to talk to lots of people. It is our way of making our fetish known to those who don’t practice it or who don’t know it. In this case, nothing will really change.

For those who identify themselves as part of our community, want to integrate and invest in it, we now offer a membership card. Its annual cost for 2023 is 15€. We are currently working to bring some benefits through partnerships to its owners. For these members, there will be a specific communication and exclusive activities.

To increase the chances of growing, a Board of Administrators has been installed inside #BEsneax. It’s a group of a few members who can invest time and energy together for the good of the whole community.

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Benefits for members

  • Boxer Barcelona offers 5% on orders placed on its webshop.
  • MR. Riegillio offers 10% on its entire webshop (min.50€).
  • Twinkz offers a 20% discount on its entire webshop.
  • FetishStreetwear.com, a new Dutch brand, is also giving you a 5% discount on your online purchases.
  • Spit It Out, your fetish and committed store in Brussels, organizes regular private sales for our members.
  • For each Ladz party in Amsterdam, we have a few free entrances to share.
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