The symbol ♥ means an active support to #BEsneax.

Belgian fetish associations

Pride events

Antwerp Pride – in August, in Antwerp

Belgian Pride – in May, in Brussels

Darklands – in March, the annual fetish pride event in Belgium

Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend – in May, in Amsterdam

Paris Fetish – in May, the annual fetish pride event in Paris

Sneakers events in Europe

Addiction – in Berlin and Cologne (D)

Festish – in department Moselle (F)

Ladz – in Amsterdam(NL)

Rekin Paris Club – in Paris (F)

SneakerSexItaly – in Milano (I)

Sneax’n’Sox – in Cologne (D)

Sk8erboy – in Cologne and Essen (D)

Bars, clubs & parties in Belgium

Adonis – Clubbing and cruising club near Ghent

Le Belgica – Bar in Brussels (hosting our social meetings ❤️)

The Boots – Cruising club in Antwerp

Cargo Club – Red & Blue parties in Antwerp

La Démence – 30 years of clubbing in Brussels

Fetish Project – Leather, rubber & BDSM in Brussels (not gay only)

The Kinky’s – Cruising club in Antwerp

Macho Sauna – Sauna in Brussels

Oasis Sauna – Sauna in Brussels

Revelation – Circuit & fetish party in Brussels

Stammbar – Modern cruising bar in Brussels

Zenhit – Sauna in Neufchâteau

Bars, clubs & parties in Europe

Club Church – Amsterdam (NL)

Delice Dream – Spring break in Spain

Le Dépôt – Paris (F)

Fairytails – Luxembourg (L)

Funhouse & Rapido – Amsterdam (NL)

Le Next – Paris (F)

Phoenix Sauna – Cologne (D)

Sexy Party – Cologne (D)

Station 2b – Cologne (D)


2be – Store in Brussels

aasssoxx – On line store

Addikt – 2 stores in Brussels

Boris Boy – Store in Brussels

Boxer – Stores in Barcelona & Berlin, and on line.

Breedwell – On line store

Kiffeur Corporation – On line store

Maskulo – On line store

Mister B – Stores in Amsterdam & Antwerp, and on line.

Mr Riegillio – On line store

Sk8erboy – On line store

SneakerMask – On line store

Trends Of Friends – On line store

Twinkx – On line store