This page is dedicated to Michael’s activities. On 8 February 2020 in Brussels, he was elected as first Mr Sneakers Belgium. You can find here informations about him and some news about his actions for the community.

The competition was tough between the candidates in the race. They all had important qualities and it was not easy to decide between them. Finally, Michael was chosen to represent us. At 30, he lives in Destelbergen near Ghent but he guarantees that he will invest on a national and even international scale.

Due to the coronavirus crisis and following what is being done in other countries regarding the mandate of titleholders, we will not organize a new election in February 2021 but later in the year. This will allow Michael to take on his role more comfortably. This will also make it easier to organize a more normal event, we hope.

Message from Michael to the community on 11 June 2020.

Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020 logo
Mr Sneakers Belgium sniffing
Mr Sneakers Belgium Black/White
Mr Sneakers Belgium Boxer Tracksuit

Hey Sneaker & Sportswear dudes!

The corona crisis is not over yet, but we are quietly returning to normal life and practice…. what a relief this is!  I hope everything is okay with you and that we see each other soon!  For myself it was a very hectic period … as some of you know I am a Storemanager of a caterer and meal shop and for me it was very busy during these times … Unfortunately due to the crisis I have not yet fully 100  % committed to our community and that really hurts me … especially because I had a lot of plans to make our community more known within other fetish communities and far beyond …

Thanks to #BEsneax, I can inform you that I will be proud to be your ambassador for the year 2020-2021. Behind the scenes we are already busy planning upcoming meetings across Belgium so that we can meet each of you, something I am really looking forward to!  Upcoming events are already on my agenda in Sept Berlin, October Fetish Pride Gran Canaria and in November Milan Sports & Sneaker weekend … If you have any questions or suggestions for our upcoming events, you can always contact me via Facebook or Instagram…

I would also like to refer to the Sensoa campaign about the fact that you now have tested for STDs and HIV… Many of us have had their sex lives on a low level and hopefully that will change soon!  Stay Safe & Strong!

Much Sneakerlove,

Your Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020-2021
Michael De Clercq/MDC89

Throughout the year, we will try to relay here the highlights of his mandate. Visit this page regularly to stay informed. You could also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.