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Social Meeting - Best Wishes 2022

Happy New Sneax!

Happy New Sneax! – Traditionally, we can present our good wishes until the end of January. This is why #BEsneax will organize its next social meeting on Saturday 29 January.

Creation of the board

Creation of the board of our association

Time for the creation of the board of our association – Given the importance of this article, it is also available in French and Dutch. ǀ Compte tenu du caractère important de cet article, il est disponible aussi en français. ǀ Gezien het belang van dit artikel is het ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

Xmas Celebration - Social Meeting by #BEsneax

Xmas Celebration

Xmas Celebration – Christmas is celebrated with the family. So, let’s bring the fetish family together for a festive social meeting. For the occasion Jungle Bar welcomes us for the first time.

It's good to meet back!

It’s good to meet back!

It’s good to meet back! – Our last gathering was almost a year and a half ago. Since we have sorely missed social contacts, it’s with a social meeting that #BEsneax will restart its activities.

Belgian Pride Brussels

Belgian Pride goes online

Belgian Pride goes online – The pandemic is forcing us to party differently this year. However, May will be a colorful month in Brussels to demonstrate our community pride. Here are the great moments that will bring joy to our hearts.


Our health at the United Nations

About our health at the United Nations – Every 5 years, the member countries of the United Nations Council, which sits in Geneva, are examined during the Universal Periodic Review. Belgium’s turn has arrived. It’s this Wednesday 5 May.