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Sneakers & Sportswear Fetish Flag


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Exclusively with #BEsneax !

We opted for the usual dimensions of a flag, namely 100 cm x 70 cm. High quality material : ultra-solid fabric (115 gr/m2) in micro-perforated mesh (polyester, 95% translucent) capable of withstanding strong winds and intense rain. Importing the product from Asia would no doubt have enabled us to obtain a more advantageous price, but we were attentive to the ecological impact of the transport.

NEW : Shipping to Belgium and Europe included in the price! For other territories, we’ll come back to you to specify the additional cost required for shipping.

Sneakers Fetish Flag


As Mister Sportswear France 2017, Fabien has traveled throughout his own country and Europe. During his wanderings, he quickly noticed the fetish flags were true standards, symbols to which each group identifies proudly, but the sneakers did not have their colorful symbolism. Inspired by those who existed, the wishes and remarks of his peers, he was able to reveal the result of a long process of reflection. A first copy was made and released on the occasion of Paris Pride in 2018. Since #BEsneax exists, it was obvious to highlight the work done and use it, and as Fabien said when he knew our association was promoting his baby: « Let it become yours, it fills me with happiness. »

Sneakers Fetish Flag