Sports @ Darklands

Sport Special Day at Darklands

Darklands has the goal to bring all the subcommunities of the fetish scene under one roof as one family. Although many sports lovers already visited the event, they didn’t have a dedicated program until now.

For several months, Nick leads the sportsteam that brings together different partners like gear brands or associations, including #BEsneax of course. The objective was to set up a series of activities dedicated to our community. This will allow our peers to find occupations that they like but also allow uninitiated people to discover the specifics of our fetish compared to others (and why not try or even adopt them).

A few days before this huge international gathering, the biggest event of its kind in Europe, it’s time to take stock of the different actions implemented. All have been designed to encourage meetings, exchanges and complicity. Everything is organized on one afternoon. This gives the opportunity to vary their outfits over the days during the weekend to those who have several areas of interest.

Gear market map (Darklands 2020)

The gear market offers several vendors that sell sportswear items. On Saturday 7 March at 14:00, Mr Sneakers Belgium takes his fellows for a walk in the aisles, stopping in some stands that have caught his attention. Like teleshopping, he presents his favorite products. Some brands will even organize flash sales with exclusive promotions valid only during the group’s visit.

A stopover is obviously planned at the second hand market. Organized for many years by MSC Belgium, you will find sneakers and sportswear there for the first time. Our friends will be present throughout the weekend with this activity. Remember to sort your wardrobe and bring them (Friday evening or Saturday) what you no longer wear but which could make the joy of a potential buyer. If your gear is sold, up to 90% of the sale price goes to you. The remainder helps our leather brothers to support the Belgian fetish community throughout the year.

In the heart of the darkroom, you will find the comfortable sports stadium where various events will take place. Mister B offers two training sessions (on registration only) for a better sex life: training supervised by professionals with a naughty touch. It is one of the many masterclasses organized at Darklands this year. Also note that this space will be accessible as a playground during the parties at night.

At the same place on Saturday between 17:00 and 18:00, our friend Stormwolf puts his talent at the service of all : photoshoot for everyone ! Show off your hottest gears, sneakers or socks and get incredible pictures to use on social media and dating apps. Some nice sports gear could be try out from different brands.

At 6:00 p.m., everyone will meet at the Ice Bar for a social meeting sponsored by Addict who regularly organizes this type of gathering in Manchester. Have a relaxed drink with your friends and meet new people. Don’t miss the “Match the guy and sneaks” contest with nice prices to win.

On the theatre stage just accross the bar, a football team ready to train should get lost around 19:00, still on Saturday. Their presence at Darklands could make them horny. We will see what happens next… but it already looks very hot.

Darklands (formerly known as Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium) is a multi-day indoor festival. It combines lots of things to strengthen the gay fetish community & to support gay men’s personal sexual wellbeing by offering education, information and contact. The festival offers the biggest gay fetish market and parties in europe. The festival and its program target gay men in general, but you are more than welcome to bring your girlfriend along to the daytime festival or one of the mixed parties at Fetish Café. The main parties at night in Waagnatie reserved for men due to their sexual nature.

Darklands 2020 - Map
Click to see the full theme park map.

The theme park once was the cultural highlight of Antwerp, but it has been abandoned for years. Now, an obscure and mysterious new owner transformed it into a place where boots shine, rubber is polished and the smell of leather fills the air. Are you ready for the dark ride of your life?

See you there !