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International Fetish Day - #WeAreFetish


The third Friday of January is named International Fetish Day. On this occasion, we invite you to (re)read this magnificent text written by Gael. He reminds us that we are one big family despite our differences.

The #wearefetish movement started as a simple hashtag in 2020 and 
recently turned into a non profit organization to support the whole fetish community, 
and not only those that are just like you.
It’s meant to be a celebration of Diversity, a fight for Inclusion, 
no matter what your skincolor is, 
no matter which bodyshape you have,
how old you are or which kinks turns you on. 
It’s not about the social background you come from
or what your sexual preferences are,
nor which gender you relate to. 
Fetish is not about religion and is definitely not race related.
We’re here to include all of you,
to embrace all the differences 
and break down the standardwalls together
until we become one united community.
So, Act inclusive, Remain kind, Stay Humble,  
Be as Fetish as you can,
and most important thing 
is to be the real You
And if you want to support the whole community 
and again not only those that are just like you, 
then follow us on our facebook group #WeAreFetish and start using the hashtag 
to show how much you care about Diversity.
Because We need each other to make a difference.
Gael Leung Chong Wo

Gael Leung Chong Wo

Mister Leather Belgium 2020-2021
International Mister Leather 2022
Founder of #WeAreFetish

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