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#BEsneax decided to highlight the members of the association and the community. This will make it possible to present the practices of the members and the great variety of specificities. Together, let others discover who we are !

On the basis of the forms that you complete and send to us, we will create individual presentation sheets. They will allow us to introduce you to the greatest number, disciples, novices and others. Subsequently, this will allow us to use certain excerpts as a piece of interviews for thematic articles, always with the aim of demystifying the sneakers & sportswear community.


If you don’t wish the publication of certain information (your name for example), don’t complete the field and leave it empty. Likewise, if you do not use your real name in the community, we have provided for the possibility of entering a pseudonym.

Si tu ne ma├«trises pas l’anglais, tu peux remplir le formulaire en fran├žais. Nous ferons la traduction.
Als je geen Engels beheerst, kun je het formulier in het Nederlands invullen. Wij doen de vertaling.

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