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Who will grab the sash?

– During the Belgian Sneakers Days, the highlight of the weekend will take place on Saturday 19 March at 16:00 with the election of Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022. Three candidates will take part in the competition.

Mr Sneakers Belgium is the ambassador of the community. We give it a face. It’s also its representative with other fetish communities in Belgium and elsewhere. Each candidate will have to present himself, defend a cause close to his hearts and, ultimately, demonstrate a talent that may be overlooked. All this, in front of an audience. People’s choice can really make a difference. Its vote will be added to the vote of a jury of personalities from the Belgian and European fetish scene. There is no online voting! You’ll have to be present on site to give your vote. The competition will take place at the Stammbar, the only cruising bar in the capital, which will exceptionally remain doors wide open and will not be restricted to men only because we have a desire for openness in the association. This weekend also aims to demystify fetishism and should therefore not be held behind closed doors out of sight. Curious people welcome!

Three candidates will take part in the competition this year. They all have the strengths to win the competition and have the build to take on the coveted position. Nico, Keith and Bono live in Brussels and are all trilingual Dutch-French-English. Take an interest in everyone’s application because they are all worth the detour.

Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022 - Candidate 1 - Nico
Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022 - Candidate 2 - Keith
Mr Sneakers Belgium 2022 - Candidate 3 - Bono

Thanks to some thirty partners and sponsors, the competitors will be showered with gifts. The winner alone will leave with more than 2.500€ in kind on his hands. Take a look at the prizes list on the page dedicated to the contest.

In February 2020, the Belgian Sneakers Days welcomed more than a hundred visitors from 7 countries from Ireland to Poland. For a first edition, it was more than satisfactory. A month later, Belgium went into lockdown and the next two years were difficult for everyone. This second edition will be experienced as a rebirth, a return to life. It will also be the first major post-Covid meeting in Europe for the Sneakers & Sportswear community. Join us!

Posted on 21.02.2022

Updated on 21.02.2022

by #BEsneax